Welcome to Aimco Design

Aimco Design is a new unique recyclable steel based design business based in Wexford. Our goal is simple “Reclamation”. Have you ever wondered what to do with old pieces of steel or tools left behind a deceased loved one? We reclaim these items and redesign them into a bespoke piece of garden design or a wall mounted piece. We also create many other unique pieces such as garden furniture, pregnancy impressions, children’s toys and much more. 

We back up that vision with reliable, trustworthy, professional service, high-quality industry competence and unparalleled creativity and passion that make a distinct difference in the designs we create.


All items are fully hand made and are made to the highest specifications. Items like these are crafted from old steel shelving which otherwise would have been discarded, proving what can be done with existing materials by giving them a new lease of life.




We work with our customers to create a one-off custom and bespoke design, shaping new designs to the customers needs and preferences.


At Aimco Design we strive to be original and different. We create unique children’s furniture like a table and chair set made for a young girl from horse shoes belonging to her first pony.

Pregnancy impressions

Why not capture that special time with a one-off pregnancy impression?
These are individual castings of the pregnant form, transformed into a wall
mounted piece made from steel. Each one of these pieces is an individual bespoke, one-off design and cannot be recreated.


Latest work

Some of my latest work. Funny little hangers for your kids’ rooms to brighten them up with a bit of fun.