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A selection of my work

Below you can see a selection of my recent work. All pieces are finished to the highest quality and can be tailor-made to suit the individual taste.

Recyclable Materials

All pieces are predominantly made from recycable materials. we create hand-made and bespoke products by using discarded materials provided by our clients.

Memorial Sculptures

I have often been asked to take materials from old garages that have been left behind from a  deceased family member. I then realised that I could transform the old metal  into a memorial contemporary sculpture that would have significant sentimental value to the deceased’s relatives. The piece shown here was a selection of my fathers old tools and old machinery which was crafted for my Mothers garden and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Bird feeders and garden furniture

We design garden pieces such as bird feeders and garden furniture.These items can brighten up a garden during those dreary winter months. There is something calming about watching differnt birds coming to feed. These feeders unique characteristics will guarntee a multitude of differnt birds in your garden during the winter months. Feeders can be wall mounted which will guarantee the perfect placement in any garden.

Pregnancy Impressions

Why not capture that special time with a unique cast . Each cast is moulded from the expectant mothers form. The finished piece will last a lifetime and will be a wonderful reminder of the joy that your child has brought to your life. Hours of creation and dedication go into these pieces to make sure that the beautifiul form of a pregnant woman is recreated.

Sculptures for the garden

This was a piece made for a clients garden. Materials were sourced locally and was made from fully recycable materials.

Outdoor Toys

Why not give your child a unique and different gift? The see-saw we see here is completely made from up-cycled materials and gives hours of fun and joy to children. All outdoor toys are made to the highest standard.

Latest Creations

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